500ml Bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic (ES-ECO-020-CV)

The Latzeneta Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a coupage of the Alfafarenca, Manzanilla (Villalonga) and Arbequina olive varieties. The Alfafarenca and Manzanilla varieties are native to the mountains of Alicante, and we add the Arbequina to the blend in order to obtain a sweeter taste. Each of these varieties contributes a different nuance: the Alfafarenca strength and intensity, the Manzanilla elegance and the Arbequina sweetness. Thanks to this blend, we get a unique olive oil with a fruity and green taste, an intense character and a piquant sharpness. Its high polyphenol content makes it a long shelf product. We strictly monitor all the steps in the production of Latzeneta: from the collection of the olive in the field up to the bottling.





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