Clean Olives for a good extra virgin oil

002005Finally the project of our own brand of olive oil it is not only taking shape but is practically finished.
We have the website, we have the design for the formats we have chosen; bottle of 500cc and 2, 5 l Tin, we have finished all the administrative procedures, new equipment, … we only need the most important matter, make a good quality extra virgin olive oil.
If it only was our decision, this week we would have started collecting the fruit. The olives are already at their great point, but Mother Nature, which basically is the boss in these matters, has forced us to postpone the harvest one extra week. Every day it rains and everybody is delayed in the mill so until we do not get the green light we have to wait.
But the positive part is that these rains have cleared the trees. Not a trace of the dust that the trees accumulated during the drought of this summer and now they stretch the branches that do not have olives proudly towards the sky while the ones that are full of olives fall heavily towards the land covered with flowers .
It seems that an Elf spend the night polishing the olives. And the leaves, as silver mirrors reflect the clear light of October. The trees are gorgeous.
How well it feels a good shower!